Werewolf Kittens Are Real... And You Already Want One

They look like werewolves and act like dogs! How can you resist the adorableness?


There's a new breed of cat gaining popularity thanks to its unusual appearance.

These kitties are called Lykoi -- Greek for "wolf" -- and were first bread by Dr. Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian and breeder who says the Lykoi's distinctive hair patterns are the result of a natural mutation.


The mutation causes Lykoi to lack an undercoat, as well as the hair around their eyes, nose, and mouth, resulting in an appearance much like werewolves in TV and movies. It also causes them to molt, sometimes becoming almost totally bald.

According to Dr. Gobble's website, the mutation has been observed in domestic short-haired cats as far back as 20 years ago


Gobble site describes the breed's personality as "extremely loyal to their owners," and "very scent motivated," much like hunting dogs.

Gobble also says Lykoi tend to be similarly energetic, but unlike most hunting dogs, tend to amuse themselves when their owners are busy.


Not everyone loves these kitties, though.

In an interview with ABC News, Gobble said, "People are creeped out by them," and others who insist that he "Spliced DNA" to create the breed.

Daily Mail

According to Gobble's website, the Lykoi's appearance isn't the result of any disease or disorder, and the strange-looking felines don't suffer from health problems at a rate above those among more common breeds.

Though there are currently no kittens available, the website also has information on the waitlist for Lykoi adoption, the fees for which range from $1500 to $2500.

Check out this adorable video of a litter of Lykoi kittens: