People Are Photoshopping Bill Nye Into Movie Posters, And The Results Are Epic

Everyone's favorite science guy is getting into the action business, and it's about time.

Nye Another Day

Nye Another DayImgur

Most young adults are familiar with Bill Nye. He was a fixture in science classrooms throughout the country in the 90s. Lately, his star has been rising, though.

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Learn

Some People Just Want To Watch The World LearnImgur

In the realm of science related celebrities, he is perhaps only overshadowed by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Lately, they've both been very public in supporting science, reason, and empirical evidence over those who would deny them.

2 Nye 2 Dye

2 Nye 2 DyeImgur

Nye has publicly debated people who deny the evidence of evolution. Recently, he's been vocal about the very real effects of global warming on the earth. He shot a special about the subject for National Geographic called "Explorer: Bill Nye's Global Meltdown Special."

Nye Hard

Nye HardImgur

At the end of the special, Nye literally and figuratively reaches the end of the road. So, he turns around, loosens his signature bow tie, and lights a cigarette. The dramatic image inspired users on Reddit and Imgur to start photoshopping Nye.

The Dark Nye Rises

The Dark Nye RisesImgur

And boy, the Internet did not disappoint. Reddit started one of the best photoshop battles in recent memory.



Nye was placed in Bond movies including "Skyfall" and "Quantum of Solace." He was inserted into the "Die Hard" series, as well.

Quantum of Nye

Quantum of NyeImgur

Nye also made it into a couple Tarantino movies such as "Kill Bill" and "Reservoir Dogs."

Mr. Nye

Mr. NyeImgur

We can only hope that leads to Nye getting his own action series where he must save the day with scientific knowledge. It could (and should) be called "MacNyever."

Via: Reddit