Guatemala Just Elected A Comedian With No Political Exerpience As President, and That's No Joke

Well, that's certainly a change of pace.

SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

Many people in the United States have wished that someone like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert would just run for president. Well, someone in Guatemala just did.

JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP / Getty Images

During Sunday's final round of the presidential election, TV comedian Jimmy Morales won nearly 70 percent of the vote. However, several months ago he was only polling at around 1 percent.


Morales' campaign slogan was blunt but honest: "Not corrupt, not a thief." With that, the comedian made a simple condemnation of the country's historically corrupt politics. Some advisers urged him to be more serious, but Morales refused to downplay his role as a comedian. He believes that it was beneficial to the campaign.

JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP / Getty Images

The decision by the Guatemalan people was likely a response to former president Otto Perez Molina's indictment on corruption charges. The allegations also involved his vice president and many cabinet members and eventually led to Molina's resignation.

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While some have been skeptical about Morales' ability to lead, he remains confident. He said, "I have been asked if we have the capacity to govern, and we have been emphatic in saying that alone -- no -- but with the blessing of God, and the support of the people, we are sure that yes, we can. Because Guatemala has made a choice that it wants a change."

JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP / Getty Images

For the time being, it appears as if he'll have to deliver on his promise to root out corruption in the government because he really had no other campaign platforms. However Morales fairs, he's certainly a change from the status quo.