11 Celebrities Who Used To Be So Ugly, How Did #8 Do This?

Celebrities are generally the most visually appealing beings around. Still, it is easy to forget that they to were normal people that went through the rough prepubescent phase of life. Let's take a look at some of the most unfortunate pre-fame looks.

Ryan Seacrest

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As a reality show host you really only have one job, and that is to look pretty. With a charming smile and bubbly personality, Seacrest fits the bill perfectly. However he wasn't always so handsome. He has come a long way from his chubby cheeks and goofy glasses.

Lil Jon

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As a rapper it is important to maintain a 'rep'. Lil Jon has made quite and 'rep' for himself, but before his long dreads and his crunkcup, he was your typical high school nerd with no swag.

Jennifer Lopez

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Looking at J. Lo now its hard to see anything but perfection. It wasn't so much that J Lo was not a cute kid, but she has definitely come a long way. Let's just hope she doesn't consider doing her hair like that again.

Zac Efron

Zac EfronMing.com

Efron was made famous by way of the High School Musical movies. It strikes as a bit ironic considering when he was in high school he looked like this.

George Clooney

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Arguably the hottest man in Hollywood for the past couple decades, Clooney has had women drooling over him for years. If only they knew him with his borderline Beatles haircut and thick glasses. And what's with the turtle neck?

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox is smokin' hot now, but she used to be a dorky kid pre-puberty.



The hugely popular rapper Eminem has certainly come a long way from the young Marshall Mathers. It is rare to see Eminem smile and judging by this picture it is easy to understand why. The smile combined with his mullet is a recipe for disaster.

Rashida Jones

Rashida JonesMing.com

Jones played a very nerdy character in her roll on the hit show, The Office. Interestingly enough it was not that far off from the look that she sported as a youngster. However the years were very good to Jones who is a teenage boy's dream.

Avril Lavigne

Avril LavigneMing.com

Lavigne has certainly gone through many phases of looks in her career, all of which she rocked. One look that wasn't so great was the one one the left, and it comes as no surprise that she has not pulled that one out of her repertoire during her years of fame. Let's leave the contacts in, yeah?

Brad Pitt

Brad PittMing.com

Pitt is one of the only men that has rivaled Clooney as the sexiest man in Hollywood. Yet again he wasn't always the heartthrob he is now. It seems that his bowl cut wasn't doing him any favors.

Taylor Swift

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Easily one of the hottest stars of this generation, Swift has become know as one of the most beautiful celebrities, male or female. Still, it took her a few lessons in fashion to get where she is now. Just look at that hair!