Science Teacher One Ups His Students With Hilarious Drawings on Their Tests

These kids thought they were being funny and clever when they added doodles to their tests. Their teacher played along and even added some drawings of his own! Check out some of the funniest responses this clever instructor came up with.

Unfinished business

Unfinished businessimgur

This student didn't have time to finish his scribble, so this teacher made some executive artistic decisions.

All aboard

All aboardimgur

This student drew some happy looking penguins. The teacher thought he'd show them boarding a nice bus to penguin school.

Poor Perry

Poor Perryimgur

This student drew a impressively accurate Perry the platypus. The teacher took things a dark direction.

Surprise ninja attack

Surprise ninja attackimgur

The title speaks for itself. This innocent looking sketch better look over her shoulder!

Santa and his reindeer

Santa and his reindeerimgur

The teacher felt like just Rudolph wasn't enough, so he went ahead and added Santa and the rest of the crew.



When this student didn't quite finish the two figures he was drawing, he probably wasn't expecting his teacher to take them to Disneyland!

Sick moves

Sick movesimgur

Although he stuck with the dancer theme, the teacher took this disco demon and gave him some seriously fleet feet.

The pirate

The pirateimgur

All he had to work with on this piece was a face. No matter, he turned it into a pirate!

Have a dog

Have a dogimgur

Everyone needs a pet. Even drawings need pets! The teacher felt this student's drawing was a little lonely, so he took things into his own hands.



It's unclear what the blob like characters are supposed to be, but this teacher figured they were hungry! So here they are chasing a giant strawberry.