13 Things in Nature That Will Have You Run Away Screaming For Your Life

Nature, once again, proves itself to be anything but cute and cuddly. Take a look at 13 examples of animal characteristics in nature that will have you running for the hills!



This weird little bird is what is known as a Fulmer. When chicks feel threatened, they project an orange like vomit substance at it's "threat" so it glues it's wings together making it unable to fly.

"Horror" Frog.

"Horror" Frog.sixpenceee.com

These odd frogs actually BREAK their own bones to develop claws. Looks like someone is a fan of Wolverine from the X-Men/

Shark Week?

Shark Week?natureworldnews.com

Yep, this is a shark eating another shark. Cannibalism among friends tends to happen in the water often, doesn't it?

Cow "Stomp".

Cow "Stomp".thesun.co.uk

Reports have shown that although sharks tend to kill at least 10 people a year....100 people every year die from being stepped on by a cow. Look into those evil, evil eyes will ya?



When flatworms begin their mating process, two "males" use their penis to "fence" each other. During the battle the one who becomes 'stabbed' ends up the female while the winner remains male. Crazy.

Naked Bear?

Naked Bear?boredpanda.com

This is a shaved bear. It is anything but cute...

Tongue Eating Louse.

Tongue Eating Louse.wellsphere.com

The tongue eating louse is essentially how it's name describes it. This parasite enters into a fish through it's gills and locks into their tongues and poses as the fish's tongue for the rest of it's life.



This horrifying thing is a Lamprey...it lacks jaws and locks onto it's victims with it's disturbing sucker mouth. Anyone else re-thinking that swimming trip this weekend now?

YetI Crab.

YetI Crab.theblaze.com

This is the yeti crab....and it is genuinely terrifying.

Snake Venom.

Snake Venom.viralportal.net

This is unfortunately what happens to human blood when snake venom comes in contact with it.



When this weird parasitic fungus replaces every tissue in it's body, it turns into this odd monstrosity.

Shark Jaws.

Shark Jaws.monsterwebblogger.com

Since a shark's teeth is essentially scales, they can consistently grow their teeth over and over and over again.

Nightmare Crab.

Nightmare Crab.roadtrippers.com

This species of coconut crab is also known as the "nightmare" and it's easy to see why. With leg spans of over three feet and the ability to climb trees...they are everything that horrible dreams are made of.