12 Terrifying Mysteries of the Sea

The ocean is the one place in the world where there is no shortage of things unknown and mysterious.

Mary Celeste

Mary Celesteyesterday

On December 4, 1872, one of the ocean's biggest mysteries was born. The Mary Celeste was an American merchant brigantine sailing from New York to Genoa. When it was discovered by Captain Morehouse halfway between the Azores and coast of Portugal, he noticed the sails were oddly set and the ship was moving erratically.


After climbing aboard, the captain discovered the ship was abandoned with the cargo and living quarters undisturbed. The Mary Celeste has come to be synonymous with unexplained desertion.

Cannibal Shark

Cannibal Shark

Scientists tagged a nine-foot-long great white shark in hopes of learning more about the majestic creature's movements, but the study took an unexpected turn. Suddenly the shark dove 1,903 feet; the temperature of the tag went from 46 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Scientists determined the shark was eaten by something much larger than itself, possibly a "two-ton colossal great white shark."

Japan's Underwater Pyramids

Japan's Underwater Pyramidscollective-evolution

One of the most mysterious structures in the world lies beneath the ocean's surface. Some argue that it's natural, whereas others argue it's manmade.

Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni MonumentReddit

One of the most magnificent highlights of Japan's underwater pyramids is the Yonaguni Monument. A diver went looking for sharks when he stumbled upon what would become one of the most exciting places to dive in the world.

12 Vile Vortices

12 Vile VorticesYouTube

Vile Vortices refers to the areas around the world where mysterious disappearances occur. The Bermuda Triangle is the most well-known. Devil's Sea is another region in the Pacific near Miyake Island known to claim crews of five Japanese military vessels claiming over 700 lives.

Milky Sea

Milky Seaamericandigest

One of the most mysterious occurrences in the ocean has been made famous by tales and stories most notably by Jules Verne. When the ocean glows a bright blue in the middle of the night, what is actually happening is bioluminescent bacteria causing the illuminating effect.


A study found that the bacteria glows to attract fish but scientist still don't understand what caused this phenomenon. There are more questions than answers when it comes to the "milky seas."

Vanishing Submarines

Vanishing Submarinestheconversation

In 1968, four separate submarines from different countries vanished. Theories as to the fate of each submarine has included everything from accidental torpedo firings to government attacks, but it seems to be more of a secret than a mystery.

The Baltic Sea UFO

The Baltic Sea UFOYouTube

In 2011, a 200-foot circular formation was found beneath the Baltic Sea. Many people drew a comparison to "Star Wars'" Millennium Flacon, but other objects have been noticed beneath the surface. In 1963, a sonar operator noticed a submerged object moving at 150 knots at 27,000 feet under the ocean near Puerto Rico. At that time, no submarine was able to dive that deep...

Rogue Waves

Rogue Wavessteveholbrook

Waves that can be a hazard to the biggest of ocean liners is a terrifying image. It's a mystery as to what causes these enormous waves, but the "freak waves" are suspected to be the cause of the more than 200 supertankers that have sunk within the last two decades.

Bimini Road

Bimini Roaddamninteresting

Near the Bahamas lies a rock formation that has spurred some interesting debate. Some critics argue it's too geometrically symmetrical to be a natural formation. Divers have compared it to being a road or pier. Could it possibly be the road to Atlantis?



Another ghost ship to be familiar with is 'The Ghost Ship of the Frozen North.' It first disappeared in the 1930s. After experiencing unusual winter weather, the ship became stuck in ice. The crew, who had slept on the ice overnight, woke up to no ship.


The ship was located a few days later 45 miles and continued to be spotted throughout the years. No one was ever able to get close to the ship and it was last spotted in 1969.

Colossal Squid

Colossal Squidbusinessinsider

One of the creepiest and most elusive creatures mysteriously existing in the ocean is the colossal squid. One was caught on camera in 2014 and was recorded to being almost 46 feet long. The squid species remains one of the many animals in the ocean that hasn't been studied enough to understand how big they have the potential to be.

Biggest Mystery: The Unknown

Biggest Mystery: The Unknowndeepseacreatures

When James Cameron took a trip to the deepest part of the ocean in the Mariana Trench he reported seeing very little of anything. But the most mysterious fact about the ocean is that it's about 75 percent of the earth's surface, yet only around 10 percent of it has been explored. No one really knows what could be out there.